Magnificent 7th #3 - Maxi

Hey dolls! I realise I am a bit late with this post. I wasn't going to post at all, but I thought it'd be better if I gave you beautifuls something for this  months Magnificent 7th post!
If you have't a clue what this post is about, check out the 1st and 2nd of my posts.

This month's theme is Maxi, now the reason I wasn't going to post this months is because I don't actually HAVE a maxi dress. I know I know. How could I not have a maxi right?
But alas, I don't own one! So I can't technically participate in this months challenge. I was going to go out and buy a maxi for this post. But I felt that it was cheating, because this challenge afterall is to shop our wardrobes and dig out old pieces that fit the theme.

I did rumage through my wardrobe to find this dress! It's a dotty heart print dress from Primark. I brought this maybe a year ago? I believe it only cost me £10-12! I don't often buy clothes from primark, they stop at a size 20, which obviously isnt ideal for me being a size 26.
I was super surprised that I found this piece, it fits pretty lovely on me considering it being 3 sizes too small.

I went and helped out at the yard with James, as you can see, we're looking pretty lovely here yesterday afternoon.


I hope these cute ass photo's make up for my lack of Maxi dress, and hopefully the next Magnificent 7th post wont be as much of a fail! So stay tuned for that lovelies!


  1. Aww, lovely dress and lovely horse! This is a post full of win! x x

    1. Nawh! thanks lovely! :) I wasn't sure whether to post or not! But I'm glad I decided to! People seem to like this post! :D xo