10 Day you challenge. Day 4 - Seven Wants

Hey ya'll! So I'm super late with this post! BUT there is a reason for it, James brought me Sims3 for my laptop, and I've been pretty glued to it for the last couple of days. So sorry if you've been waiting for this one!

If you've been reading along, you'll know that this post is Seven Wants! I'm not sure how I'm just going to pick seven! I want so many things it's hard to choose.
I'm going to try and keep these relatively down to earth, no crazy things like unlimited money and marry a celeb. That being said, the first thing I typed and deleted was to have unlimited funds, so on with the wants!

Seven Wants
1. To sort my life/career out. I'm so all over the place with what I want to do/don't want to do. It's hard to know what I actually feel about my current situation. I just want a job that I love and that I'm good at! Is that so much to ask?

2. To get more tattoos! I love tattoos and think they are a wonderful form of expression. I'd love to get a tattoo dedicated to my sister. (Even though she's a pain the butt, I love her really.)

3. To run away for the weekend here..  www.mouseshouse.com.au 

Come on guys! This place is SO beautiful and looks like a real treat to say. Plus! their cabins are names after Snow White characters! How can you not love?! 

4. To spend my 21's birthday in New York City with my mum and sister would be amazing! Think of all the MAC and goodies I would bring home! Oh, and whats a trip to NYC without seeing a show on broardway! 

5. To write and publish my own children's book! It's a secret dream I have and I would love to make it come true!

6. I want to have more good times with friends and family. I feel like I've been a it grouchy in recent months, and I would love to just chill a bit more and enjoy the company.

7. To be better at writing blog posts? No, okay.
To take the whole family back to Florida for 3 weeks and do it all. Do all the Disney parks, the Universal park, Sealife, and all the cool waterparks! And take old Jamesy this time too! Because last time I went in 2009 it was without him! and I missed out 1 year anniversary!

So that's it! My seven wants are completed! I hope you enjoyed! :)

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