10 Day you challenge. Day 3 - Eight Fears. (LATE POST)

Okay so, I'm so bad to doing this posting everyday thing! They flash past so quick I don't know my left from my right!
I'br been organising James's birthday party which is under way as I type. Looking forward to a good night. :)
But I'm gonna do this post today and then another tomorrow, and hopefully get back on track for the rest of the days!

As you can guess, if you've been following these posts, it's Fears today.

My eight fears.
1. SPIDERS. I was chased when I was younger with big crawly spiders and they creep me the F*** out! Plus the fact my uncle used to have a tarantula, and oh my god. No. Horrible thing!

2. I can't do anything too tall or high. It makes my legs turn to jelly. I'd love to go up the Eiffel Tower one day, but I'm sure that I'd have to be blindfolded on the way up and down.

3. I fear loosing my laptop! It has so many pictures and memories on it, I'd be heart broken if I ever lost it!

4. I get so scared by horror movies! I can deal with saw and gore porn type movies. But phycological thriller type movies creep me out. I've seen so many that have made me weary of using the bathroom late at night, checking the back seat of my car, walking alone at night etc.

5. The dark. This kind of goes hand in hand with the horror movie fear. I hate the dark, if I could get away with sleeping with the light on, I would. I actually have to leave at least one light on during the night, and it's usually the bathroom light!

6. Getting lost. I have a terrible sense of direction and I am easily confused. I have to have a person giving me proper directions so I don't get lost. I've gotten lost a few times and let me tell you, it's horrible!

7. I fear the day I loose a part of my family or a friend. I know it's gonna be a long while before it happens, but still. I fear the day I get given the bad news.

8. Tripping and falling in public. It happened to me once when I was younger, and it's horrible! I am so careful where I walk so that I don't trip. It's really embarrassing, I know you know that feeling!

That's my eight fears for today, and come back tomorrow for my Seven wants. xo

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