The end is nigh!

So as you all know, Google reader is on the way out, and many of us have already moved to other sites, to keep our subscriptions to the blogs we follow.
I decided to move to Bloglovin a few months ago. I do have a follow button on my blog, but I thought I'd do a nice quick post about it for your guys! :)

Follow on Bloglovin

Click the above button to follow me on bloglovin!
Or alternatively, you just go on to bloglovin and search Big girl about town it should *fingerscrossed* come up for you! If not click HERE and it'll take you to my page.

If you haven't made the move to an alternative sit yet, I highly recommend Bloglovin. It's easy to use, and they have an import blogs from Blogger function, to make the switch as easy as a few clicks!

See you there lovelies! :D

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