10 day you challenge. Day 2 - Nine loves.

Hey lovelies, can I just say WOW! I almost forgot I was doing this, today's been pretty hectic! But when I started writing it, it was still technically the 20th! So yeah! On with Day 2's post!

Nine Loves
1. Candles! I love them, I buy loads but rarely ever get to burn them! Which isn't good, but hey, they look pretty in my room!

2. I love books! I love to read! There's something so soothing about getting lost in a book. It's like you've been transported to another world, and you get so engrossed in the story. I often fall in love with fictional characters, and I am NOT ashamed to admit it!

3. This guy right here! I love this guy a lot. Plus he's quite handsome! Haha!
4. I REALLY love animals! I think it runs in the family! We have 2 cats, one of which we rescued when he was a kitten. We've got 3 horses (4 at one point) who I love a lot they're my huge, furry babies! Lets not forget lil' spikey, who was given to my sister as a pup! I wouldn't change any of them for the world!

5. I love tattoos! I currently have 7 and I  plan to get more. Plus, I like the feeling of being tattooed. I'm weird I know! I laughed all the way through my first one.

6. Elderflower. Tea, cordial, perfume, anything I can get my hands on. If something's got Elderflower in it, you can bet your bottom dollar I'll be buying it.

7. I LOVE nothing more than to get in to a hot bubble bath! It's exactly what you need to chill out from the day, and nothing beat it for me!

8. SUPERNATURAL! It's literally my favourite TV programme and James and I watched all 8 seasons in like 4/5 months! 

9. Last one? So I guess it's too cliche to say my family? TOUGH! I'm saying it anyway.
Number 9 loves is my family, we bicker and argue, but I wouldn't change that for anything! 
Here's a photo of us in the South of France! 

Thanks for reading lovelies! Hope you enjoyed my 9 loves! :)

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  1. We've got a lot in common; I love reading and get attached to characters, and I enjoy being tattooed. My sister said I'm like a robot in the tattooist's chair. I get so chilled. I'm a big animal lover, too xx