10 day you challenge. Day 5 - Six Places (Photo heavy!)

Hey again! Firstly thanks for coming back! I hope that you're enjoying the posts!

Today's challenge is Six Places. I'm super stoked to do this one! So I can put up some photos and rekindle my love with the places I've been!

Six Places.
1. Disneyland Florida. I've been twice and it is actually my favourite place. I love disney and grew up watching all the films, so to get the chance to go there! Well my mind was blown!
The resort we stayed in was so beautiful and really made the films come to life, with different hotels having different themes.
When we went the first time, we stayed in the 101 Dalmatians hotel, and the second time it was The Mighty Ducks! 

2. Without a doubt it's Frejus in the South of France! It was super lovely and so HOT!
We flew over to France and went to this beautiful resort here. We did lots of swimming and got really brown! We got to go to a lot of different places too, we went to Grasse to the perfume factory, we went in to the nearest town and found a beautiful little pizza restaurant.

It was such a lovely holiday and we had an amazing time! Even if it did rain for the first couple of day's we got there!

3. Selsey, West Sussex. I've been coming here for as long as I can remember! It's just an average caravan park, but I love it. It's pretty much like a second home to me, and I always get excited about going back there!

It's pretty near Bognor Regis and Portsmouth. If you look closely at the photo above, you can see Portsmouth and the Spinnaker Tower!

4. I absolutely love spending time at our yard. I love all of our horses so much and they're super cute! (But don't tell my mum that! She'll have me doing all sorts!)
We have 3 horses, China, Fraggle and Ernie.

5. St Ives. I went there about 5/6 years ago and it definitely made a lasting impression. I lust to go back there! It's a quaint little seaside town, and it's so lovely! Plus the fish and chips there are LUSH! The best I've ever tasted! 

6. Lastly, is home. Nothing beats being at home snuggled up with a cuppa watching a good movie. :)

Hope you enjoyed this post, and all the photos! :)

Have you been to any of these places, did you like them as much as me?

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