Charley and Kate's Beauty Basics - Face

Well hello there beautiful! It's that time again, Beauty Basic's is one of my favourite things to blog about! You ladies know I'm partial to a bit of make-up, so this blog collaboration is super fun and lovely to do!

If you haven't read the previous posts don't by myself and Kate, don't fear! Here are the link you need to get up to date!
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Okay! So this weeks theme is Face! Now, I really struggled with this, finding 5 products was tough. We had done a Cheek post previously, so I wanted to steer away from that area and focus more on the base.
Left to right.
MAC Matchmaster Foundation £21.00
MAC Studio Finish concealer £14.50
MUA The Artist Collection palette £6.00
Rimmel wake Me Up Concealer £5.49
MAC Mineralise Moisture Foundation £26.00

Kicking things off with the MAC Matchmaster Foundation. This foundation is my ultimate favourite. It was the first MAC foundation I ever brought, and by do I love it. It's a bit battered around the lid, and it's almost empty! (Welp!!) 
It was recommended to me when I went in to be matched up, because at the time I had oily/combo skin and the matte formula was to help even it out.
It's a matte foundation and has a medium/full coverage, it's got an spf of 15! It's nice and easy to apply and sat nicely on my oily skin. The only downfall for me is that it clings to the dry flaky skin and feels a bit cakey.

MAC Matchmaster Foundation    

Next up is the MAC Studio Finish Concealer. This concealer is one of the best! It's got a blendable consistency and it completely wipes out my blemishes. It's got quite a hard texture in the pot, and doesn't budge when applied to the face! It's a tough cookie. Compared to my other concealer this is quite thick. I often bring this out when I'm having breakout's and it helps even out my face.

MAC Studio Finish Concealer    

Now the MUA Artiste Collection Palette. Now, I know what you're thinking, this isnt technically a face product, right? Oh but it is! See the bottom row of powders, they are used for the face! This pallet includes 2 blushers, a contour, and a highlight! Wowie!
I found that I love the blushers and the highlight more than the contour colour provided in this kit. They are quite pigmented and are lovely and easy to apply.
But the contour colour is all wrong, it's a muddy brown colour which I'm not really that fond of. It has got orange undertones, and looks like I've smeared chocolate on my face. Definitely not something I've used often. That being said, it blended nicely when I have used it, but the colour isnt for me.

MUA The Artist Collection Palette   

Next up is the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer. 
I have to confess this wasn't my favourite up until recently. I't been knocking about in the bottom on my make-up bag for almost a year! But I've started using it again because, well, you can never have too much concealer right?
It's a lighter, thinner consistency than the MAC one, which is nicer to apply under the eyes, because it's not as heavy. It doesn't give me as much coverage as I'd like in one application. But it's buildable and works a treat. It claims to be anti-fatigue and give a radiant glow. I'm not sure I agree with that whole heartedly, but it is nice at covering the hangover panda eyes!

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer    

And last, but not least! The MAC Mineralise Moisture Foundation. This is one of the newest foundations I've brought, and it's not a matte finish. I went out and brought this because my skin wasn't looking as nice as I'd like, under the matte ones.
Up until I brought this bad boy, I'd only had Matte foundations. One because my skin was oily rather an dry, and two because I love a nice matte face, I think it's so classic and lovely. But thats just my opinion. 

But this foundation is so, so lovely. It's got a medium coverage and has good staying power. I often set this with the Collection sheer powder because it's a must in the warmer weather!
I think its a tiny bit dark for my skin, but when I blend it in, it gives me a nice colour instead of being pasty white. It's got an SPF of 15 and it doesn't dry my skin out! ( HALLELUJAH!?)

MAC Mineralise Moisture foundation    ★ 1/2

Here's Kates Face Basics! As you can see, we agree that the Rimmel Wake Me Up is a good product! SNAP!

Kate's products, (photo above)
Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum £10.99
Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation £8.99
Collection Sheer Loose Powder £2.99
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer £4.19
Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer £5.49

Here's the link to Kate's Blog!  What Kate Did Next 

Hope you enjoyed this post, and keep an eye out for the next Beauty Basic's post! 


  1. I love that Rimmel concealer, its brilliant. I do want to try a MAC foundation one of these days. :)

  2. Sian, if you're not sure what colour to get i recommend trying the foundation finder by ps beauty it's quite an easy way to see what colour you should get based on others you have tried. I like long wearing foundations so pro long wear is my personal favourite by the way:)

  3. Love this post, really enjoying reading your blog!! I am following you now :)

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