A-Z of body positivity!

Hello there!
I'm doing a bit of a different post today, I'm collaborating with the lovely Terr Cacilia to bring you the A to Z of body positivity and body acceptance!

We've divvied up the letters of the alphabet between us, I'll be doing the letters A - L and splitting it in to two posts! 

So, I'm a fat girl, I have been all my life! I've been run through the mill with people telling me I was too fat, and that my body was something to be ashamed of. But over the years I've become so much more confident within myself, and my body.
I love myself and my body, I've accepted that I'm always gonna be fat, and I'm okay with that.

I would just like to say quickly, that ANYONE can be body positive, and its not exclusively for one body type. Just as anyone can be unhappy with their body, anyone can learn to love their body too!

So on with the post..

A is for Always be yourself.
Don't try and be something you're not, value yourself as you are. There is only one of you in the entire world, so be true to who you are and stand your ground.

B is for being Brave.
Be brave and take a chance. Wear that bodyhugging dress, try a different style, allow yourself to be brave enough, not to care what people think of your choices.

C is for getting Creative.
Getting creative with your fashion, hair, nails etc. Create art, take selfies, create yourself. It's your body, do what you want with it.

D is for Dressing how you want.
Wear what makes you happy and feel good. Don't hide your body, because of what other people might say. Wear what makes you happy and enjoy it! 

E is for going Easy on yourself.
You're not always going to feel at best, sometime you might feel a bit down in the dumps about yourself or you body. Go easy on yourself, you don't have to be positive 100% of the time! You are allowed a bad day.

F is for Friends
Surround yourself with people that share your body positivity. Having like minded people around you will help you be more positive!

Pop over to the lovely Terr Cacilia's blog by following THIS link.
Also a massive shout out to this lovely lady, this collab was her idea and I'm just so happy that we've managed to make it a success! 

Terr Cacilia's links:
Blog: http://ontherecordwithterrcacilia.blogspot.co.uk
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TerrCacilia

I hope you enjoyed this different little post! and stay tuned for the next instalment of our A - Z!


  1. I love this. Every letter is SO right!! :) xx

    1. Thank you lovely! :) I tried to make them broad, so they could apply to a variety of different people! xo