A to Z of body positivity! (Part 2)

Hello Beautifuls!
I'm back today bringing you the second and final instalment of the A-Z of body positivity me and Terr Cacilia have collaborated on!

The idea of these posts is to spread awareness that it's okay to love your body! You're allowed to love yourself.
Being poked fun at and made to seem undesirable is something fat people battle with on a daily basis. There's a whole host of other problems that fat people encounter, but that's for a different post!

What I'm getting at, is that sometimes being plus size can get you down, especially when you're surrounded by people judging you and your body. But self love and fat acceptance is achievable!
It's not easy, but you can do it with the right attitude and frame of mind!

Just quick before you read this post, if you'd like to check out my first part of this collab, you can find it here.  On with the post!

G is for getting to know yourself.
Know what you like, try new things and find out if you like them. Know how you feel about things that affect you. Don't let other people's opinions cloud your mind.

H is for body hang ups.
It's okay to have hang ups about your body, everyone does. But it's how you handle them that counts. Don't let your issues stop you from living your life. Learn to love your flaws!

I is for ignoring the haters.
It's a fact of life that there are people out there, that are gonna try and bring you down. Ignore them. Ignore their opinions and judgements. You don't need to worry about what people are saying. Do what makes you happy, and enjoy it!

J is for justifying your actions.
You should never feel like you have to justify anything to anyone. If you make a decision about your body, you shouldn't feel in the wrong if people don't agree with it. You don't have to justify anything, especially not to people who don't matter!

K is for keeping your chin up.
When you're having a bad day, know that it won't last forever. You will wake up feeling better tomorrow. So keep your chin up, and you'll make it thought the day.

L is for living your life.
Living for you is the most important thing. There's no point living your life in the past, "what if's" and "I wish I hadn't" aren't helping you live you life NOW. Nor is living in the future. Keeping that pair of jeans that are 3 sizes too small, aren't going to help you loose weight. They're just going to take up space in your wardrobe!
Focus on what's happening now, and look forward to things happening in the future.

M is for making yourself feel good.
A really important step in learning to love yourself is doing/wearing what makes you happy. If it makes you happy to wear baggy jumpers and snuggly trackies, then wear that! If it makes you feel good to dress up to the nines, even when you're just going to the pub. Then dress up!
Simarly, if it makes you feel happy and sexy to do you housework in lingerie, then do that!
Never feel pressured to wear something that doesn't make you happy!

I hope that this post gave you the courage to try something new, or gave you hope when you're feeling down!
But most of all, I hope that you enjoyed reading my take on body positivity and self love!

Thanks for reading, lovelies!

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