Bits and Bobs haul.

Hey there! Do you remember when I said that I'd brought bit's and bobs over the few weeks I wasn't posting?
You do? GREAT! This is that post! I have collected all the products together to make this 'haul' post.
Alright, it's not much of a haul, because I brought it all at different times. BUT! Shh. It's a haul.

Left to right.
Barry M - Nail art pens (Black and White)
Maybelline Colour tattoo (Permanent Taupe and Pink gold)
Maybelline Mega Plush Mascara 
Barry M Eyeshadow Pencil (Brown)
Sleek Blush (Antique)

Barry M Nail art pens.
These pens are amazing! I can't believe it's taken me so long to buy them! So versatile and dry really quickly, unlike other nail art pens I've tried. 
I brought these to do some spooky halloween themed nails. They turned out so great, people I showed could hardly believe I did them myself!


Maybelline Colour Tattoo 
These bad boys have been spoke about for MONTHS, and I've only just invested in them.
I caved and brought these two colours, Permanent Taupe and Pink Gold.
I thought that these colours would look cute together on lazy day's when I'm not in the mood to great out my eyeshadow palettes.
These are the second cream eyeshadows I've tried (The first being Benefit ones), and I have to say they are really very nice. They have a lovely texture and don't budge on my eyelids! 

Maybelline Mega Plush Mascara
Okay so, let me start by saying, this mascara did not work for me. I brought it because it was the sister mascara to The Rocket, and I thought I'd give it a go.
The packaging is lovely, I love the pink on blue colour scheme. But the product is a bit to be desired.
It didn't lengthen or volumeise my lashes, I am cursed with short lashes, so I am constantly on the look out for The Perfect mascara. This wasn't it. 
The brush is lovely and thick, but the wobbly bit in the middle of the wand makes it a bit hit and miss to apply. It's meant to give your lashes a soft feeling or something. It didn't do that. It feels like a regular mascara to me.
Overall this mascara was a no no for me. I'm going to stick to my The Rocket to give me nice lashes.

Barry M Eyeshadow Pencil
Again another lazy day make up product, easy to apply, easy to blend = lazy makeup.
It's a shimmery brown colour that looks lovely with a slick of mascara and eyeliner. 
There are two problems with this product though. 1. I don't have a large eye pencil sharpener, and 2. It dosen't have a proper name or number. So when it comes to repurchasing I'll just have to wing it!
I really like this eyeshadow pencil though, really needs a primer under it to map fit stay all day.

Sleek blush in Antique
The other Sleek blushes I've tried are super velvety and pigmented, this is no different.
In the photo it looks more orange than it really is, its more of a browny/purple shade, which I use for contouring when I want something different. It's got a nice shimmer to it and can look quite subtle if applied with a light hand.

Products used for this FOTD
MAC - Studio Sculpt foundation
MAC - Mineralise Skinfinish powder
MAC - Studio Finish Concealer
Benefit - Watts Up Highlighter
Sleek Blush - Antique

Maybelline - Colour Tattoo - Permanent Taupe and Pink Gold
Maybelline - Mega Plush Mascara 
Revlon - Colour Stay Liquid Eyeliner

MAC Lipstick - Viva Glam V

Thanks for reading lovelies! 


  1. I really like the look of the Barry M nail pens, especially now I've seen they look like a felt tip instead of a dotting tool. Think I'll have to get a couple to see if they work better than the Models Own ones :)

    1. I am in love with them! My sister used them at school, and she came home and showed me her nails. Needless to say, we went out the next day and brought some!
      Would you recommend the models own ones? xo

  2. Love your blog, would you like to follow each other, let me know and I will follow u back dear