I HEART wearing polkadots

Hello lovelies!
Just a quick outfit post for you gorgeous people. I mentioned these heart polkadot print trousers a post or so back.
I brought them in the Asos 50% off sale, and was super stoked for them to come! I was under the illusion that they were made of trouser material. Thinking they'd be fitted/tight I sized up to a UK size 28.

Top - New Look Inspire
Trousers - Asos Curve
Cardi - Forver 21+
Scarf - Accessorize 

When they finally arrived (after a whole morning waiting by the door) I was slightly disappointed.
They were made of jersey material and were about 3 sizes too big. My heart was broken. I expected great things from them, but was shot down. Although they were't what I expected, I really liked the print of these, and the fact that they were a legging material didn't bother me so much.
I decided to send them back and get a smaller size, and I actually ended sizing down to a UK 24, as opposed to my usual 26.

Now they fit perfectly, not as baggy around the hips/crotch and have just enough give in them around my hips. I'm gonna love wearing these though out the could wether as they're so warm, and cosy. Plus they have pockets!

If you're interested, you can check them out here. They're currently going for just £15!



  1. I love heart print everything and you look fab in them! x x

    Just me Leah

    1. Sorry it took me so long to reply to this!
      I love heart print too! I NEED MORE HEART PRINT! Thank you lovely! xo