Hello Flawless.

Hello sweeties!
Another quick make up bits post! I posted a photo of these products on my instagram a few day's go, so I thought I'd do a quick little post on them and my first impressions!

Left to right
Benefit - Hello Flawless Foundation
Bourjois - Happy Light Matte Serum
Seventeen - Back Lash Mascara
Maybelline - Fit Me concealer

Benefit Hello Flawless - Believe in me Ivory
I've had my eye on this for a while, I used a mini tester size and love it! I've been pinning after it ever since. And thanks to Boots and my lovely boyfriend, James. This beauty is now mine!
It's a lovely sheer/medium coverage foundation which just melt into my skin. It's going to take some getting used to, because I often reach for high coverage, matte foundations. But the colder it get's outside, the flakier my skin gets! So this baby is hopefully going to help me though some rough skin days!

Bourjois - Happy Light Matte Serum
I've been seeing this being blogged about recently, I thought I'd give it whirl.
First off the bat, I love the packaging, anything thats remotely mint in colour is a winner for me. 

It's a gel like consistency and feels really silky between my fingers. I have to say, I've only tried a thick, whipped primer before, and it left me feeling claggy and sticky. 
This is completely the opposite! It's light and fresh feeling on the skin. Did it make a noticeable difference? Probably not no. But it did a fab job at controlling the oily bits. Would I repurchase this, no.

Seventeen - Back Lash Mascara
Really been enjoying this the past few days! It claims to be an all-in-one mascara. Lengthening, volumising, and thickening.

And I've got to be honest, it really does tick all the boxes! It gives my short, sticky out lashes more length, and with a bit of a squeeze with the eyelash curlers it makes them seem volumised. 
Thanks to the thick round brush, when I wiggle it though my lashes, it makes them thicker and more sexy looking!  Only problem is, it tends to transfer on to my under eye throughout the day. 

Maybelline - Fit Me concealer
Nothing special here to be honest, just a standard liquid concealer.

I recently run out of my Rimmel Wake me up concealer, so I thought I'd give another drugstore one ago. It's quite a nice creamy consistency, and does a good job of covering my dark circles! I think I got the number 15, and it's a pretty good colour! The only downside, it dosen't work so well on my spots, it takes the redness away, but it clings to the dry skin, which is a bit of a downer! 

Just a quick low down on the products I brought. First impressions are everything, and I'm quite impressed with these products.


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