What's on my bedside table.

If you're like me (a nosey parker) then you LOVE to have a peek at people's bedrooms and cupboards. Everyone knows that it's totally acceptable to have a poke around in someones bathroom cabinet, and wether or not you admit to it, a lot of us do have a little look.

I totally believe that you can tell a lot about a person by looking in either a. Their handbag or b. their bedroom. So lucky for you, I took a few snaps of the current state of my bedside table for you're viewing pleasure. Maybe you'll find out about more about what kind of person I am, and the types of things I like.
BEHOLD! My very cluttered bedside table. Okay, I'll admit, I'm not the best at tidying up, and putting things back where they live. I like my organised mess.
Okay so, I'm not gonna bore you with a massive list of things that are in these photos.

As you'd expect, there's a lot of make-up, nail stuff, I absolutely LOVE a scented candle.
Got headphones, hairbands and chocolate on the night stand, because all of these are essential for me at night. I like to stay up late and listen to music, I can't sleep unless my hair is up out of the way, and well, who doesn't love Magic Stars?
I also keep a notebook and diary on my side table, just incase I need to jot something down, or if I wake in the night with an amazing story idea, I can scribble it down so I don't forget it. (It's not happened yet, but I'm hopeful. Maybe I'll be the nest J.K. Rowling. HERE'S HOPING!)

I've got the Fat Girls Guide To Life By Wendy Shanker, I started reading it a little while ago and didn't get to finish it. So I've picked it back up again!

I have old photo's of me and James on my bedside table in funky frames I got from the charity shop. I have quite a few nail varnishes on there at the moment because I was trying out the new Nails Inc. totes pink freebie.

 I have a bunch of lip products. I wear lipstick everyday, it can really dry out my lips, so I like to keep them nice and moisturised. I lather my lips and the skin around them with lots of this before going to sleep, and when I wake in the morning and VOILA! Smooth lips!

I tend to use this Simple eye makeup remover most nights, If not then I use a trusty baby wipe before bed the one's in using at the moment are the Huggies Pure pack, It's a cream colour with pastle blue writing on it. Most other baby wipes are too harsh on my skin and make my skin irritated and sting like hell. But these are my ultimate favourite!
As you can tell, I have super sensitive skin and need the gentlest products ever. Simple Is great because there's no colours or perfumes. I swear by simple products a lot of the time! 

Hope you enjoyed this "getting to know me better" post!  I might do some more in the future! xo


  1. cool blog! would you recommend the benefit mascara?

    http://bethhc.blogspot.co.uk/ xx

    1. YES! I was gonna do a post on it! But I totally recommend it!