Make up coffee date.

Hey y'all! So if you follow me on twitter (or instagram) you'll have already seen my tweets about a collaboration thats happening between me and Kate.
So today, we met up at Cafe Nero in Twickenham (Starbucks is always too full) and had a chat about the products we had brought along.
Kate is actually my friend from secondary school, We were in the same form class for 5 years! Crazy right? Anyway, we kinda blog about the same things, fashion, beauty, and a few lifestyle posts thrown into the mix. Because we love make-up naturally, we're going to collaborate and talk about our top 5 beauty products.
Go check out her blog at What Kate Did Next!

I'm SUPER EXCITED to be doing this! So keep an eye out for the posts when they go up!

Today has been a really good day, apart from this afternoon, I suffered with a big migraine which left me shanking and feeling really unwell, but after a sleep and a couple of tablets later. I feel MUCH better and am writing this post for all of you! 

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