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Hey lovelies! So I've been hinting all week at this awesome collaboration, between myself and my friend Kate's blog. We both LOVE make-up and all things beauty. So we put out heads together and decided that teaming up to share our top 5 favourite products would be a WONDERFUL idea.

We're going to post twice a month and each post will have a different theme. I will be posting my top 5 products giving you a star rating out of 5. I'll then post kate's top 5 and link you to her blog.

I love seeing other people's beauty favourites, and I'm always thinking to myself, 'I really want to try that!' So hopefully, you might see something different to try!  

MUA - Eye shadow palette - Heaven and Earth £4.00
Maxfactor - Mascara - False Lash Effect £10.99
Maybelline - Liquid eyeliner - Master Precise £5.99
Benefit - Eyeshadow palette - World Famous Neutrals £23.50
Benefit - Eyeshadow primer - Stay don't stray - Light Medium £20.50
Benefit - Mascara - Bad Gal Lash £17.50

Okay so! I'll start with the Mascaras. I did a bit of a cheeky thing here! I've put these 2 mascaras in together, so there's technically 6 products, but I just couldn't decide between them. I'm searching, like most other girls, for that PERFECT mascara. I unfortunately have teeny tiny lashes, which makes it impossible to get that wide eye'd look. I use these 2 together so frequently, they are one product to me. 
I get the best of both worlds with these, I use the Maxfactor first. It's got a large round comb like brush, it catches all my lashes and makes them double the length. I then use the Bad Gal Lash which also has a big round brush which adds thickness. This duo to me is flawless. Until I find 'the one' (mascara) I'm open to doubling up to achieve the desired look!
Benefit Bad Gal Lash  
Maxfactor False Lash Effect 

Two eyeshadow palette's made it in to my top 5. I REALLY like the MUA Heaven and Earth set, It's got shimmery brown/kaki colours in the palette, all of the colours have a shimmer to them though, which is where it falls down. But it is a beautiful set of super blend-able colours, I reach to this one for my everyday shadow. Now the Benefit World Famous Neutrals is my favourite going out palette to use. It comes with 4 powder eye shadows, and 2 cream shadows. As the name suggests, they are all neutrals, think browns and muted colours. Nothing bright in there, apart from the super cute shimmery peachy colour, it does wonders to transform a dull smokey eye! 

MUA Heaven and Earth Eye shadow Palette 
Benefit World Famous Neutrals Palette 

Eyeshadow primer is a new thing I'm trying. I never saw the point of a primer, I mean, heck, who's got time for that! - Me apparently. This little beauty from Benefit is an amazing product. I mean, I've only used 2 other primers, which weren't all that, but this one is fab-u-lous! It has a slight colour to it, I  have the light medium which is great, because as it primes your eye it also conceals it. My eyeshadow lasts ages with this on! I went out clubbing, I set my make up at say 9/10Pm and it stayed put for a good 7/8 hours with barely any smudging and minimal creasing! This product doubles as a primer for concealer! I use this on my spot scars and under my eyes, just to give my foundation extra lasting power! It's not a cheap product, but it's REALLY worth it!

Benefit Stay Don't Stray Eyeshadow Primer 

And last, but certainly not least is Maybelline's Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner. Let me just start by saying, this product has been used so much, I recently had to get rid. Liquid liners have come such along way from the stuff I used to use. No more do the eyeliners crack or flake off, they are much kinder on the eyes, and are a dream to use now.
The invention of this felt tip like liner has changed how we apply our eyeliners, it's super easy to create the cat eye/winged liner with this baby. You can alter the thickness of this product thanks to it's tapered tip. 
I honestly have next to nothing bad to say about this product, although I would suggest a smaller tip. Where mine had been well loved, it got a bit ratty at the end and I had to start snipping it down. (which didn't end well) But a lovely lovely liner to use.

Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner 

Heres a photo of Kate's products. Visit her here to find out why she likes them so much.

Maybelline-Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner £5.99
Miss Sporty -Studio Lash Mascara £2.99
Clinque-High Impact Mascara £16.00
Rimmel Exaggerate Undercover Shadow Primer £4.99
Sleek Au Natural Eye shadow Pallette £7.99

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