(May)be I'm a sucker for a freebie!

Hey, just me again! Today I'm gonna share my recent magazine/freebie purchases with you.
Because, let's face it, everybody loves to get something free! I went to Tesco's recently to pick up some bits for tea. Low and behold I went in the clothes section, the make-up isle, and ended up buying these 3 magazines for the products they included.

I'd seen people instagraming their copies of Elle and the mini Benefit they're Real and I wanted in on the action. A few months back I was faced with the choice of wether or not to buy this mascara or the Bad Gal Lash.. I bet you can guess which one I picked. I was really happy to pay a fraction on the price to get a baby one of this product. I love to test stuff out before taking the the plunge and invest in it. 

I tried it on my mum before myself, and she hated it. She said it made her lashes feel all gluey, she didn't like the consistency before, during or after application and ended up wiping it off soon after.
When I came to try it on myself, I was apprehensive, how could it live up to it's sister and my favourite Bad Gal mascara.

The answer is pretty darn well! I have very short lashes, and this mascara gave them a beautiful length, the comb like brush caught all my lashes and made me look wide eyed. - Something I've been striving for because my almond shaped squinty eye is a pain.
I was really impressed with it t be fair, and I'll probably invest in a full size one once I'm through with this one.

Next up, I brought Marie Claire TWICE! Once for the Avon lipstick, and a second time for the Eyebrow glimmer stick! Now is it just me, or has Avon seemed to have exploded everywhere recently. 
When I was younger, I remember we used to have a lady come to our door with her Avon catalogue once a month, and my mum would have a browse and give it back. It used to be a known brand, sure, but recently it feel like it's a lot more popular and it's gaining more press. 

I remember (Quite a few years back) when the quality of their products weren't all that. I haven't used anything by Avon in years, but I saw these little freebies and I couldn't resist. I was BLOWN away by the lipstick. It's a vivid red colour, really easy to apply, quite hydrating on the lips, it stuck around for quite a while too! If all their lipsticks are like this one, I'm sure I'll be investing in more!

The brow definer, glimmer stick however, was a let down. It's advertised as a dark brown colour but when I started to fill in my brow with it, it was more a light brown, and it looked slightly redish against the natural colour of my hair. It's SO not dark brown. I'm really into the filling in/drawing on/defining your brows business, and so to get a brow pencil, FOR FREE made me really excited. But this product was a let down. It's not the colour I thought it'd be, and it really didn't match my hair colour.

The last of this months freebies is the In Style, Nails Inc. polish! In 'Totes pink' There are 3 shades to collect, this baby pink colour, a red and a coral. I quite like the Nails Inc. polishes, this would be the second freebie I have of theirs, and I'm even more impressed by this one than the last.

In the bottle, this pink looks very wishy washy, because it's so pale, I was certain I would have to apply at LEAST 2 coats before it started to cover. When I swatched it I was pleasantly surprised that it had quite a thick consistency and I only needed once coat to fully cover my nail.

Hope you enjoyed my freebie haul post! Will you be purchasing any on the above now? xo

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