Hey dolls, unless you've been living under a rock recently, then you would have heard about the magical documentary on Channel 4, Plus Size Wars. Which featured a few of our community's best bloggers and a handful of brands that specialise in Plus-Size clothing.

To say that the programme caused a stir would be an understatement. It caused a WHIRLWIND on twitter and in local news, everyone was talking about it and it caused some unsavoury responses.
Mainly from people who are not plus size, and have no idea what it's like to be a plus size person in todays society.

Unfortunately we live in a world where being fat is literally the worst thing a person can be. We are portrayed to be lazy, unhealthy and all manor of other things that we aren't!


Why is it so hard for people to just let things be, everyone should be decent enough to accept everyone is different. And that my choices about my body are mine, and yours are yours.

I guess some people didn't get the memo, (Looking at you Jamelia) and decided that shaming me and my body type is the best way to go about solving the 'obesity epidemic' I've seen many a keyboard warrior spouting shit about how being fat is a choice, and that we should just loose weight.
See it's not that simple, maybe I don't want to, maybe I can't , maybe I just don't give a hoot.
That being said, Jamelia's comments about how plus size people like myself 'shouldn't be able to shop in high street stores' and that stores that carry my size 'shouldn't be facilitating my unhealthy lifestyle'. She also went on to say that plus size people 'should feel ashamed buying clothes in our size'

Well, I have a few things to say about that. For starters, who are you to police where I buy my clothes, or who carries my size. Obviously you'd rather us fatties roam around in scraps of fabric we've foraged?! Because we're too fat for retailers to make clothes in our size.
Another thing, sorry Jamelia, but who told you that every fat person you meet/see is unhealthy. Health is NOT measured in weight/body size/jean size or BMI. Unless you have a magical superpower you've been keeping from us that allows you to see into my mind/body/flesh, I politely ask you to shhhh the hell up.
Then we get to the last of her comments, the one that really struck a cord with me, that 'they should feel ashamed when buying clothes in high street stores' AS IF FINDING CLOTHES ON THE HIGHSTREET ISNT HARD ENOUGH ALREADY because of the pure lack of options. Now you wanna shame us too. I'm sorry but I can't comprehend why you think it's okay to say these things. How would you feel if you had been made to feel so worthless, while you were just trying to find clothes to put on your back?
Body-shaming isn't okay. No amount of shame you put on me is going to erase the fact I am fat. No amount of shame is going to make me magically loose weight to fit into these clothes, you say I am not entitled to.

After all this negativity Debz from wannabe princess created the #WeAreTheThey hashtag on Twitter. She asked everyone below a size 6 and above a size 20 to get involved, posting pictures of yourself looking FAB to show everyone just how we feel about her comments, and stand up for all plus size people above a size 20 who will not be shamed by her negative comments.
And boy was there a turn out! So much so, the hashtag trended for over 2 hours!

I am so so blessed to be surrounded by other like minded people, it really is amazing how supportive our community is.

I am proud to be plus size.


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  2. Awesome post Char! :) When somebody says that fat people don't deserve clothes, all they're REALLY saying is we're not people. Jamelia who?! xx

  3. You are a beautiful woman. Hold your head high!!!!!

  4. You are a beautiful woman. Hold your head high!!!!!