Date Night In

Date nights are my favourite nights, they're few and far between for us now we've moved out and are paying all our own bills! It's no secret that going out on the town is expensive, so James and I prefer to save the pennies and make a night of staying in.

I was contacted recently by Jacamo, who asked very nicely to send me and my Mr a Date night in hamper* (an offer I couldn't refuse!) Jacamo's latest campaign is all about getting off on the right foot, in both the shoe and romantic departments! If you're interested check out their Shoeduction link here

The hamper contained lots of goodies including chocolates, some bubbly, massage oil bubble bath and a movie (The Notebook). It came with the instruction that when the hamper arrived I wasn't allowed to peek, that I hand it straight over to my babe. I did, even though it killed me not to look.
Inside there was a note for James, and itinerary to help the night run smoothly and give him a helping hand.  

After we had dinner, James ran me a bubblebath and lit some candles. While I was having a soak he set this up in the bedroom! What a babe, he even found some rose petals we had laying around to make it extra romantic and cheesy. 

We popped the movie on and settled down, sipping our Prosecco, sharing the chocolates.
It was a really chill evening something a little bit out of the ordinary for us, which was nice. Making time, to spend quality time is hard, so it lovely we had the opportunity to switch off and just enjoy each others company.

Which do you prefer to do with your significant other, Go out or Stay in?
We can't be the only ones who prefer staying in. ;)

*Hamper was sent by Jacamo for review. All opinions are my own!

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