OOTD B is for Blue.

Hey babes, I'm trying to get myself back on the wagon and posting regularly. I've been pretty lazy when it comes to posting if I'm honest.
So today I've got a pretty standard outfit post to show you, nothing too special.

Jeans Simply Be | Top Matalan | Blazer New Look | Shoes Evans

James and I brought a bike a few weeks ago so that he could learn to cycle. We headed to our local park over the weekend to get back in the swing of things.

Teaching someone to ride a bike is really difficult, you can't just push them along and hope for the best. James is really adamant that he's not gonna fall off (and so far hasn't!) and that he doesn't want stabilisers. Haha!
Hopefully he'll get it soon, then we can go for cute little bike rides and go on a picnic! 

Thanks for reading lovelies!


  1. You look super cute :)
    I love the outfit and I love matalan for tshirts and jumpers.
    Good to hear about you teaching James to cycle, very sweet of you.
    Wishing him plenty of luck with learning, I am sure you are a great teacher.

    1. Thank you lovely! I wasnt sure about the top when I first got it, but it actually works really well tucked in and untucked!
      I seem to gravitate to this royal blue colour! You'd think after Waldegrave I'd steer clear of i! lol
      He's trying bless him! It's hard to learn things like this when you're an adult! xo

  2. Hey! I`m new to your blog. Well I have been following you for ages. :D I`m a big girl too.
    So today I`m bit bored so start to look what to read. So I lost my time in your blog. I`m so happy you have find a men who to spend your rest of life together. I`m still looking for mine. :)
    I love the your blazer in this post. sorry it was totally random. But I`m random person. :)
    Sorry my blog is in Latvian.. I might start to do one in English.
    Well I just wanted to say Hi! I hope you are smiling now. :)
    Maybe I will see you in comments some other time :)
    Bye for now, Rasa

    1. Aw! That's really sweet of you! I'm glad you like my blog! I'm trying to get back into it properly because I do love it so!
      If you do start up and English blog send me the link, I'm always looking for new bloggers to follow! :) xo

  3. Looking great Char. I can't ride a bike either! I'm too scared of hurting myself now. I want a trike. :) xx

    1. Thanks you sweet! I was feeling fab this day!
      Aw, it is really daunting! James is determined not to fall off, so far he hasn't! I'm really impressed haha
      YES! Get a trike! That'd look so badass! I wanna get a proper Lady bike, with a bell and a little basket on the front! :) xo