90's baby!

Hey babes, I just wanted to share my 90's inspired outfit will ya'll! To be fair, this post should have been up a LONG time ago, seeing as my birthday was the 2nd. But in my defence, I was really ill for the week after my birthday (Not alcohol induced, I promise!) and I've just been lazy about posting to be honest. 
If you follow me on instagram you'll have seen some of these photo's already, so apologies! 

I REALLY wanted a pair of dungarees for our 90's themed party, but Simply Be didn't carry them in my size, so I opted for this crazy patterned dress instead. It really reminds me of the beginning of that Rugrats cartoon. Anyone see it? No, just me? Nevermind! Haha!

I checked back on the Simply Be website to link you babes to the same dress, but it's not there anymore. How infuriating, but I did order it in a size 24/26 and I feel like it swamped me. If I hadn't have ordered so late in the week, I'd have sent it back for a smaller size.

I threw on a denim shirt I've had for ages from New Look, pulled my hair up in to a side pony, and slapped on the blue eyeshadow. I felt so sassy in this outfit, I think I'm gonna adopt the 90's style permanently.
I thought I'd treat you to a few of my favourite photos from the night. The photos did get a bit messy as the night went on but these are the ones that we're appropriate to show you!

Hope you enjoyed this little post babes, sorry it took me so long to get it up. Need to get back into some sort of routine. Easire said than done though, eh?


  1. I love this outfit from the tattoo necklace to the dress. 90s suits ya! xx

    Just Me Leah

    1. Thanks darling! The tattoo necklace just makes it. I forgot to buy some before the night, but my babes came to the rescue and brought some for me! :)
      LONG LIVE THE 90's! <3 xo