Give me cupcakes and a sewing machine!

Okay, so me and my best girl Chelsey have decided that when we get our student loans, come September. She's gonna buy a sewing machine, and I'm going to buy a bunch of different fabrics are we're gonna make ourselves a couple of dresses and cute skirts.
I know, genius idea right! - I took textiles for GCSE, so how hard can it be?

Chelsey started designing some dresses the other day, so I'm going to share a couple of the designs with you. And hopefully, maybe before Christmas time, we shall have some cute tea dresses to flaunt. - So watch this space -

First up we have this blue dress with beading around the waist and on the top of the straps.
It may or may not end up being blue, that was just to give it a bit of colour!
It'll have a double layered skirt, most probably with a chiffon over lay, and elastic clinching at the waist.

                      Front                                                                                          Back 

Next up we have this beautiful red polka dot and lace dress. It'll be a boobie dress as you can see from the plunge at the neck. The boobs are gonna look so good in this dress, especially with the lace trim and straps. Again, it'll be fitted to the body up top to maximise our assets. ;) 

I wouldn't like this to be to fitted around the belly area. I don't wanna be rolling out of it, so hopefully it'll fill out over the hips.
I also LOVE petticoats, so the fact that tho one will have a visible black lace petticoat makes me squeal! I'm so exited for this one! 

                      Front                                                                                         Back 

And the last one of the designs I'm gonna show you is this one. It's a green dress with a mesh top with an elasticated waist. I think that this dress is going to be one of my favourites. Not because it's green. (obviously) but because there are so many dresses using this type of mesh up top bit but I've not come across one that's fit me perfectly yet. 
So I'm hopping that because We'll be making this one to our measurements it'll fit like a glove! I love the heart shaped dip over the boobs on this. I'm a sucker for a boobie dress! I'm also really digging the back of this dress, I think that the V is an interesting touch because I usually see that tops/dresses like this are cut to a straight line. I would wear the F*** out of this dress! :)

                           Front                                                                                     Back 

So I hope you enjoyed the little sneak peek at out up coming projects! I'm really excited to make these with Chelsey! I hope they come out alright!

Also, if anyone's got any plus size clothing pattern links, could you comment and leave them for me please? Thanks lovelies! xoxo

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