Forget diamonds. Lipstick is a girls best friend.

Hey guys, hope you're all well. It's been a while since I've posted, so heres a little post for ya.
Saturday just gone, James and I celebrated out 4 year anniversary. We had a beautiful day. - Thank god the weather held out! We went out and did a bit of shopping, then went on to have a celebration dinner at Nandos! We Lurrrrrrrve nandos!

I'm gonna share with you the stuff I brought! First off, I brought this lovely new make up bag from Primark for £3.

My current make-up bag is twice the size of this is, and is such a pain to carry around everywhere. So I've down sized considerably. I had to make a few sacrifices, where the make up was concerned because I didn't have enough room to keep all my make up in here. But I'm really pleased that it hold all my essentials.

Next up is this beautiful lipstick and lip pencil from Maybelline. In Boots the Maybelline section was 2 for £10 across all products which is a steal! Seeing as the lipstick at full price was £7.99.

Thecolour of the lipstick is Pink Brown and number 620 of the coloursensational range. and the lip pencil is called Sweet Pink and the number is 132.
I wasn't sure the lip pencil and the lipstick would gel together that well, seeing as I have no experience with using and matching lip pencils with lipstick.
This lip pencil is the first I've brought and I love it to death. Definitely going to be investing in more lip pencils! This Sweet Pink colour also goes really well with my Creme Cup Mac lipstick, which is wicked! Killed 2 birds with one stone there!

The next thing on my make-up wish list was a nice eye shadow palette. I asked some beauty bloggers on Twitter which ones they recommended that weren't sky high in price, but were good quality. I received a bunch of replies telling me that MUA and Sleek pallets were the best for quality and price.
After a search in Boots, and a trip to the Benefit counter. I stumbled up on the Bourjois Paris stand and found a beautiful brown trio of eye shadows that could give me a cute brown smokey eye. 

Really loving this product, it's so simple and wasn't a lot of money either! It only cost me around £7. Which was a lot better than the £25 Benefit wanted for a similar product.

I really love the brown and the gold together, although my blending is a lot to be desired. This is one of the first times I've used more than once colour eye shadow. I usually just slap on a bit of black eyeliner and I'm in business. But I wanted a softer look, which is why I brought a pallet, so I could experiment with other looks that could suit me.

I brought a couple of other bits and pieces, like new eyelash curlers and another smokey eye pallet. The curlers came from Primark for £1 and the pallet from Primark at £1.50. I haven't tried the eyeshadows from Primark, but I would expect it's not up to much. I brought a black/grey/silvery colour from there, because I can't seem to master the art of blending and making the black eye shadows look nice. 

Where do you guys buy your eye shadow, and do you have any tips on how to apply perfect eye shadow every time? 

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