I feel like a nun.

Afternoon everyone, just a quick outfit post for ya'll. I kinda want some opinions on my dress from ASOS.
James brought me a cute dress from Asos for Christmas, and I just dug it out of my cupboard.
I love this dress up the top,  but the length of the skirt makes me feel like a nun. - I don't want to ruin it, but I'm thinking about cutting it. The dress falls about 2/3 inches under me knee, and makes me feel frumpy.

I do love the top of this dress, with it's cute collar and 3/4 length sleeves. But the bottom (not pictured for a reason) is a bit of a problem? Have any of you customised and DIYed an item of clothing? Any tips for DIY-ing this dress?


  1. Hanna at the wardrobe challenge often has dresses and skirts altered so I would ask her.x

  2. if you're unsure get someone good to do it for you. i tried to redo the neckline of a dress i got from new look... its never left the wardrobe since.

  3. so cute! :) i'm loving those collars lately.
    if you could check out my blog btw i would really appreciate it! I just started up a plus size fashion blog! http://missericasunshine.blogspot.com

  4. It's a cute dress. If you don't want to cut it then keep the eyes from going down. I would add a bright belt (but I am obsessed with adding belts). Also when it comes to length sometimes it is all about what you have on your feet. Try on a bunch of different shoes and boots. I have a feeling that tall boots would help with your feeling of feeling frumpy. You might also try some colored tights too.