Sorry I've been AWOL

Hey so, I'm really sorry I've deserted ya for a little while. Been getting back into the swing of things with uni, and just life generally.
So I'm back at uni (Finally) Summer is no fun when you've no student loan left. So I was quite excited to get back. - After the cockup over the summer with my grades and not being registered. It was such a headache.
But I'm back, and getting ready to take some of the coolest subjects this semester! I'm taking Image and visual culture and Writing genre fiction to name my favourites! I'm really enjoying it so far. Hopefully this enthusiasm lasts eh?

As far as sorting my life out, I'm not driving my little car car around full time. I'm slowly becoming more confident on the roads, and I'm really enjoying the freedom having a car has given me.
IM NO LONGER LATE FOR MY MORNING LECTURES! - So it has to be a good thing right?
I've made a conscious decision to eat more healthy food. Chips and pizza isn't doing me any good.
So starting to eat rivitas and philly! (I'll be trying to keep track of my eating, weight and jean size here. Like a diary if you like.)

Other than that been a pretty average couple of weeks. I've brought a few new items of clothes and make up in the past weeks, so I'm gonna get those posts up asap. Got to get back in to the swing of things over here.
So keep your eye's peeled for new posts coming your way!

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