The best things I ever brought.

This post is dedicated to the best items of clothing I have ever brought. (These past weeks)
I'm totally in love with both of these things I brought and I really wanted to share them with you.

The first being a Christmas Jumper from Primark. It's from their mens range and I got it in a size XXL. I am super excited to wear tis beauty for christmas! - Even if I am meant to be going to Florida for christmas. I'm still going to wear it! :P

It cost £12 and its just so cutesy with its bearded reindeer. The eyes do wobble and he has a pompom for a nose. How could you not fall in love with that?

Next absolutely awesome thing I got from Primark is a Skeleton Onesie! To keep me nice and warm this winter I indulged and brought this bad boy. - I had my eye on it for 2 weeks or so before I finally brought it. (Or james brought it I should say!)

As you know I'm a large lady and I wasn't sure if it would fit. Being an XL and all. But this has TONS of stretch (I think I'm normally a 4xl on the bottom) so I was really quite shocked when I tried it on. It fits me quite well. This was also hidden away in the mens section, and for £12 it is FABULOUS! 

Just a quick post to show you the best items I ever brought! 

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