Supermarket Make-up.

Hey guys, just a little makeup haul to share with you. I went to Tesco's with my mum last week, and I meant to show you the cool goodies I brought. But I never got round to it, so I'll show you now!

While doing our shopping we passed the makeup stalls, and I couldn't resist a look. - BIG MISTAKE!
I ended up buying 2 items, a Barbara Daly Face primer, and nail varnish.

  I'll start off with the primer, I've been looking for a nice primer to try for ages. I wasn't 100% sure what I was looking for, having never used a primer before. But this one seemed simple enough to use.

It has a whipped cream look in the pot, but after I dabbed a bit on to the back of my hand. I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't creamy, but had a silky texture. I don't have a lot of experience, as far as face primers go. But I did see an improvement in how my makeup set of my face, and I found that used over my problem areas (dry spots) it masked them quite well.

Next up is this cute nail varnish I picked up. It's called Peach Satin and looks really sweet in the bottle. When It finally made it on to my nails, I had to use 2 quite thick coats for it too look like it does in the bottle. So I was kinda disappointed with that, and because of the thickness of the polish it to AGES to dry. - Which is really not good when you need a wee!

I used Sally Hansen diamond strength, Nail hardener as a base coat, then the Peach Satin then a Remmel top coat. It's a very sweet colour! Looking forward to wearing it again.

Do you guys rate or slate supermarket make up? Also, if you have any tips on how to apply primer or which ones are good ones to buy, please comment below!
Charley xoxo

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