Red Cardi and Leopard print love.

Just a quick OOTD of what I'm wearing today!

I brought a black body suit in the recent ASOS sale, it only cost me £10 which was an absolute steal, because I've been looking for one for ages!
It's UK 26, and fits surprisingly well uptop. I'm narrower up the top because I have no booobage. So I was expecting it to be a bit baggy up to, but it feels fine and not too loose.
Heres a photo of me in it.

 The suit has the cutest little bows on the back, and little cut out bits. If I'm honest, thats what drew me to this item because it has a nice bit of detail on the back, which gives it a bit more UMPH!

I paired this beauty with a red card, which I found from my hans cupboard a long time ago! It was hers in the 60's! and it's beautiful! A bit itchy due to the fabric, but boy do I love it!
Due to the english weather I made sure I had on a pair of leggins to go out! Other wise I'd be WAY  too cold. Then over the leggins (which are from tesco!) I wore a leopard print skirt I got in the New Look sale before the summer. New Look did create a bunch of jersey material stretch skirts for the Inspire range, but this was the only one I got my hands on! 

Really loving this look today! Every girl loves a bit of leopard print right? ;) 
Hope you're having a fab bank holiday Monday lovelies! xo


  1. i love red and leopard together you look fab xx

    1. Thanks sweet! I was unsure I could pull it off. But I love this look! :) xo

  2. Hiya, new follower here! Those cut-outs are to die for, want!! xx