Bird print and back fat.

I couldn't resist taking a few photo's before I left the house this morning. (Because I know I wouldn't look so fab by the time I got home) We went out as a family today to a nice Horse show in Chertsey. Then off to see the boys (Our horses) out in Yately.
It was brill day overall, It was so hot out. I drank pimms, ate Jacket potatoes and fudge. I even bunt my bosoms! - Thats how you know It was a good day!

Heres my OOTD.
This is my absolute favourite summer dress. It's fitted around the boobs, and then fills out over my hips. It's of a perfect dress. It was from New Look like a year ago, maybe even 2. I know a lot of people have this dress too, and its clear why.  It's a length I love, and you can't see in the photo but I paired it with half cut leggins and cute black dolly shoes that I got from Primark.

I was a bit weary that It might be a bit TOO tight at the back, and show my rolls and back fat.
Then I remembered. IDGAF. and theres the cheeky smile on my face because my rolls are cute!

-Please excuse the state of my room, I have a tinny little room and that little cupboard you see in the background is like my only storage space. I'm working on sorting the junk out, but you know what tidying is like when you'd much rather be outside.

Annnnnd, not only did I feel fab in my dress, my make-up co-operated this morning, my eyebrows looked fab. Heres a photo of me.

So yeah, my day's been full of fabulousness. I hope yours has to! :)

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