Pin Me Up Sugar.

Okay so I know that this post has been LONG over due, but believe me when I say, I haven't been up to much these past weeks. So I've had nothing to write about, even the weather has been disgustingly wet. So unless you want me to do the SLOBS OOTD I think I'll just stick to leaving it a little while.
So, on with what I want to talk about today. (I sound so formal, sorry!)
I just wanted to share with you this absolutely stunning, wonderful, amazing drawing my friend, Juchniar did of me.


Isn't is just beautiful! I've been looking for somebody this talented to draw me as a pin up for ages! and my my, she was worth the wait. I love everything about this, the hair, the cupcake, the sexy little pose. Very nice, and a very BIG well done to Juchinar! She captured me very well I think? It totally looks like me.

So yeah, just wanted to share this little beaut with you! I couldn't not.


  1. that's such a great drawing! it's so flattering when someone whats to draw/photograph you. how exciting!