Lady in red. OOTD

Hey lovelies! Just a quick outfit post for y'all!
I really wasn't in the mood to do too much today, it was grey and cold all day and wanted something comfy and slouchy to wear to the shops and down to the yard.

I've been eyeing up my wardrobe recently, and this combo has been crying out to be worn! I threw on this collared dress from Sainsbury's and my super fluffy vintage cardi (which I thrifted from my nan's wardrobe!)
I've also been dying to wear my new favourite item of clothing out again, TIGHTS! I'm embracing my new found love and freedom, I just want to wear dresses and skirts every day now!

On another note, I've loving how my hair looks now, I dyed it dark brown. It's no longer a brown and gingery mess!

Thanks for reading y'all!


  1. You look lovely. :) I love red, it is my favourite colour and I use it a lot. Red is so beautiful on pale skin I think and you are a beautiful example on how great it looks. Your hair looks really good too. love the colour. xx

  2. This outfit rocks. I love it. x