Back fat and I.

Hello lovelies,
On Twitter a week or so ago, the wonderful Leah from Just me, Leah was looking for people to join her in talking about back fat. Immediately, I wanted to be involved. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with my back fat. I thought that getting my feelings out there, would help me come to love it?
It's one of those parts of your body you never really see, not unless it's popping out the top of your dress. It's not something I'm particularly fond of? I'm I'm sure that a lot of girls out there feel the same way!

So I've been a bit naughty, I was meant to publish this post friday. But I've been debating it over the weekend, because the photo's in my opinion are horrendous!
I'm gonna post them anyway, because, this is me. Not looking my best, but if I was it wouldn't be a true representation of what I look like.

So this is my back fat.

As you can see, I've got a fair amount of rolls, and an ill fitting bra. (Don't throw tomatoes at me!)
I've been meaning to get a fitting in forever, because all my bra's are either A, falling apart or B, too small. So I've been suffering them until I can find the time to sort it out!

I was shocked when I looked at the photo's I had taken! Did I really look like that. Needless to say, I didn't like what I saw. I never have my back showing, so is it that big of a deal? If no body see's it, it isn't there right? Wrong.
Since I've taken these photo's, I've become more self conscious about it. I'm worried about how bulgy they look through clothes, and how my boyfriend must see them.
I guess after taking a proper look, I now know that getting a new bra is on the top of my to-do list.

Could I ever learn to love my back fat? Possibly.
It took me a few day's to come to terms with the fact I was going to be publishing this photo. But the more I look at it, the less alien it becomes. That's me. This is what I look like.

Do you love your back fat? Let me know how you feel about it!


  1. Hi Char. It was really brave of you to post these photos and I salute you for doing it! Your back rolls are really cute and look soft and squidgable but yes, you do need a new bra. :) I recently bought a couple from Simply Be which have wide straps and wide side bits so you wouldn't have it digging into your side like that - it tucks it all in. Here's the links,size: and,size:

    They make my back look much nicer because it tidies up all my side bits. x x

  2. Hi

    After reading Leah's post on Bra's I've just ordered LOADS in different sizes from Simply Be to try and get that sorted out as I'm currently wearing a 38D and after measuring myself and using a few different bra fitting calculators and charts online I'm somewhere around the 44DD mark apparently! If you have an account with them (I do) just order loads to see which is your size and return the rest. When you said about how you now worry about what your BF must see your back fat it struck a chord with me - my husbands been seeing my body for the last 10+ years (in all different sizes) and everyso often I'll notice something I don't like and think he must hate it too - truth is that they almost certainly don't think that at all - we just manage to work ourselves up! Love your back :)

  3. Wow, this is amazingly brave of you Charley. I got a tear in my eyes when I saw this as I hate my back fat. I can't stand it and tend to wear a tight cami or one of those slips to make it more smooth. Maybe not every day for work, but always when I go somewhere. I do have proper bras and that is good. Your back is lovely though. It is so strange cause when I see other peoples back fat I think it looks nice and soft. xx

  4. Hi! Just came upon your site on Twitter and I love it.

    I just started looking at my back and it looks pretty much like yours.

    I hate bras; I wear a very soft workout bra and while it doesn't really give me alot of support, it does make me more comfortable, which is really what I want.

    Very brave of you and you look just fine!

  5. Just saw this from flipping through other blogs, before I start I love your blog. I would never have the balls to do this, but agree with the above - hell your back looks a damn site better than mine! Sometimes when I see pictures of me from the side and the rolls are all bulgy I want to cry.

    But hey, our backs are our back - even if we wanted to change them, its not going to happy over night! They are beautiful as they are!

    I admire you so much right now!

  6. I was going to put together a blog post and in the process of researching, I came across his post on your blog, and I felt compelled to post here because I think I can help!

    Based off of how skinny your band is, I can tell you are definitely wearing several cups too small. And when it comes to bras, a well-fitted one can actually make back fat 'disappear' while an ill-fitting one can enhance it and even create it. Hear me out now, here's a really great post from the blogger XL Hourglass about how her posture changed when she started wearing a bra that fits, but you can also notice the change in visible back fat:

    In your photo for your 'back fat', I can see two things: 'escaped' breast tissue and regular body fat. The escaped breast tissue is part of your breast that is not in the bra cup. When wearing too-small cups, they can actually compress the escaped breast tissue out into the back, causing what is called 'migrated breast tissue':

    Now, at the risk of sounding weird, I looked at your instagram account and, while it's not very easy to tell because you're not actually in front of me in person and I don't know your height, I would guess your ideal bra size would be somewhere around 38-40FF UK/ 38-40H US. If that sounds crazy to you, hold off on it for just a moment and check out these amazingly informative sites: (the bra database/bra-fitting community) (slightly NSFW; pictures of ladies wearing bras that fit) (an online bra-fitting community)
    And this one shows bra size conversion by country (in case you don't believe what I said :P):

    Well-fitting bras is something that is near and dear to me, because I used to hate my body because bra-fitters would always tell me there was something wrong with ME as opposed to the wrong size bras they kept putting me in. Of course I didn't know any better or questioned it at the time because they're supposed to be the "professionals", right? Well, turns out they're all wrong and some purposefully put people into the wrong bras just to make a sale. It's really sad and unfortunate and, with me being evidence, emotionally and psychologically damaging.

    Now, I don't know if my post will help you 'love' the back fat you do have, but maybe it can help start the process.

    Lots of love.

  7. Your back fat rolls look beautiful, I love them! I'm a fat admirer. Do you have belly rolls too? Can you take pictures of them too and post here?