Hello there!
So Baby Lips have been out in the UK for a few weeks now, and every man and his dog has managed to get hold of one! My local Superdrug has been out for over a week! But I popped in on the off chance they'd have them in stock.

And RESULT! I managed to bag myself one of the most popular shades in Pink Punch, and another in Mint Fresh. They were 2 for £5 which was a super deal! Considering they are £3 a piece.

On first application they kinda leave your lips feeling greasy/silky in texture. I couldn't stop rubbing them together! They feel really hydrating, after a few minutes and a cup of tea later they were still soft and still had a thin covering.

The Mint Fresh one has a beautiful mint humbug/after eight smell which is lovely. The product it's self is a standard cloudy white colour. But the bright packaging makes up for the lack of colour.

The other one I brought is Pink Punch,  as as you can imagine, it's a bright pink colour balm. It has a lovely fruity sent, which is very pleasing. You might imagine this balm to have a very bright colour payoff, but it doesn't. It gives your lips a very light pinky sheen, which I personally loved. 
It's not unlike the Revlon Lip Butters, just more hydrating.

I was overall really pleased with them! I was a bit worried they would be naff.
My thought before I brought them were that they were a glorified lip blame, but after using them, they are really nice.

Now lets see if I can make it through one before buying another! 


  1. I've still not bought one of these
    After all the hype i think i will have to soon though :)
    Launa x
    Life As Launa

    1. I would say that you're missing out, but I think that you could live without them!
      They are super lovely, and smell lush, but it's a lip balm at the end of the day!

      Worth trying them out thought right? xo