OOTD. The day the sun came out.

Hey lovelies! So you'll know what today was the hottest day on record for most of the UK. and when I woke, I knew it was gonna be a good day! -AND IT WAS. I had lunch by the river with my dad, enjoyed an ice cream and hung out at the stables where I spent most of the afternoon in the sun.

This morning however, I tried on a few different outfits before settling on this one. I tried on jeans, a dress and a tunic and leggins but I didn't feel quite right. the jeans felt too hot, and the dress felt to summery, So I settled for this little number. Which is a mix between the two!

I wore my new denim skirt with a polka dot sheer blouse I brought last summer! I paired it with a pair of plain black leggins, to keep me warm, and and a black cardi just incase the wind picked up.
I also just realised that my entire out fit, bar undies is from New Look! 

As I said, I went out with my dad for lunch. We went to the cutest chinese place in St Margarets, she know my dad's order and was practically ready for us as soon as we pulled up outside. With the weather being a lush 18 degrees, we thought we'd grasp this opportunity, and have our lunch by the river! 

I spent the rest of the afternoon at our yard, which was really nice. :) 
We also acquired this cute retro parasol which I'm modelling here!

It was so lovely! I just had to share everything about today with you guys!
Hope you had a lovely day too, and got out in the sun like I did!

Thanks for reading! 


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    1. Thanks lovely! It's from new look! I wear it all the time now! :D xo