My Lush products are lush!

Hey lovelies! So the other day myself and James were at Westfield, Stratford shopping (Spending our student loans) and we were having a little mosey around and we ended up waking straight past the Lush store.
The aroma's that wafted out of the shop were so mouth wateringly sweet, I couldn't resist. We went for a little browse. I've never purchased any proper Lush products before, but I have always went in to the shop just to smell everything! So this time I was gonna treat myself to a little something nice.

The assistant in the shop was super lovely and welcoming. I thought I'd try out the face masks they had to offer and she asked me what I wanted from my mask, and what type of skin I had. I told her and she offered up three amazing masks for me to try. Once of which being the Love Lettuce face mask.

For my first purchase I am pleasantly surprised! It smells amazing, thanks to the lavender oil. It's a thick mask with exfoliating bits in it. I wanted a mask that would buff my dead skin away, and this one is perfect for the job! Soothing on the skin upon application, and doesn't feel overly scratchy and bitty when I came to wash it off.

Will definitely be buying more of these in the future! I love how soft it made my skin feel, and plus I love the mell of lavender, so win win! Luxury for my skin and nose! Haha!

I also tried out all three lips scrubs in the store, before deciding that the Mint Julips one was my favourite! It smells and tastes like After Eights! And it is, for lack of another word, LUSH!
The lip scrub definitely does what it say's on the tub. It left my lips soft and lipstick ready!

Do you use any Lush products regularly, What's your favourite?

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  1. Have you tried their perfumes? The one called "Lust" is beautiful. :)