My Favourite Moisturiser. - Elemis review!

Hey lovelies! A while ago I purchased a magazine (Who's name I have forgotten) and the freebie it came with was an Elemis moisturiser. The magazine is long gone but I'm still holding onto this moisturiser, hoping to find another like it. Surely I'm not the only person that does this?

I've had this tester for maybe 3 weeks now. And I am in love. I had not tired any Elemis products before, but boy am I glad I picked it up. 
I suffer with combination skin, my skin is predominately oily, but I do have the odd patch of dry and flaky skin.

This moisturiser is my go-to out of all of them now! You really do get the best of both worlds with this product, it's hydrating enough to stop my skin from being flaky, but not overly moisturising which helps combat oil and shine.
It's perfect under make-up because the mattifying agents in it keep my skin from becoming too oily that it ruin's my make-up.

I'm running out of this tiny freebie and was looking in every Boot's, Superdrug and Supermarket I could find, but no joy. Until recently, when I went to Brent Cross and they had a Elemis stand in Fenwick. Unfortunately they didn't have this item on hand to try, but I did a little search and found the website.
This particular product is part of the FreshSkin range by Elemis, which is recommended for teens to 20's and a 50ml bottle will set you back £20 according to their website. 
Personally, I think I will be purchasing a full size bottle of this product, because It's doing wonders for my skin. 

I would totally recommend this product to anyone who suffers from combination/oily skin like I do! 

Have you tried any Elemis products before? What did you think of them?

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