Big Guys Fashion

Hi, I'm James and I am Charley's boyfriend. She asked me to do a guest post on her blog to discuss plus size fashion for men. So here we go!

These jeans are from New Look, and are actually a women's size 26 and they are straight leg. I actually didn't buy these from the store, I stole them from Charley because she didn't like them anymore and I was running low on jeans I liked. They fit like a peach and are now my favourite pair of jeans.

The Nike shoes are a size 9, a fairly big size 9, and they are from JD Sports in the Trafford Centre, Manchester when we went there on a trip for my 21st birthday. These shoes were also Charley's but she didn't really like them so I thought I would take them off her hands, and I love them.

This Ramones jumper was from my local Primark and is a XXL. May I also just point out very quickly that Primark actually has a load of good clothes for the bigger man and do a good range of sizes - XS - XXL. I would definitely recommend that you bigger guys out there check it out.

Myself and Charley were walking round the store because I was in need of new clothes, and in typical Male style, I put most items back thinking that they wouldn't fit me. However, Charley insisted that I try all of the clothes on to see whether they actually fit or not. I'm now really glad that I did because I really like this jumper and it fits just nicely. So guys, believe me when I say that it is important to go and try the clothes on before making your decision to buy it or leave it.

That is the end of this guest post guys. Thank you for reading!
- James


  1. great post! :) I always find that in Primark! Charley is dead right! you always have to try on everything on! Love the fact your re-using unwanted clothes from Charley genius idea! :) x

    1. I wore the jeans like twice! They didn't fit right, not enough room in the legs. But they fit james really well actually! Which is why I pushed them on him! Plus they give him a good bum. ;)
      Thanks for commenting lovely! :D xo

  2. Interesting article. I have met many different customers shapes and sizes