We're Engaged! Let's have a party!

Hey there!
You may, or may not know that my boyfriend and I recently got engaged. Well, I say recently, James proposed to me on the 31st May; and obviously I said yes! It was so cute and lovely and exactly how I imagined it would be.

After we told all our close friends and family, we started thinking about how we were going to celebrate it. We had a few ideas floating around, but we decided that a party would be a perfect way to mark the occasion. We visited and looked at a few venues before settling on a pub that was local to where I live in Twickenham.

We got everything in place, dates, times, invitations, catering, the cake and balloons. All that was left to do was wait - and pick our outfits! (Which James had particular difficulty with, thanks to the poor sizing at Jacamo!)

Finally the day rolled round, and we started getting everything sorted! When we arrived at the pub, they had set it up beautifully, arranging the tables and reserving the relevant tables for us.
It was such a lovely evening and I am really grateful to everyone that came, it really meant a lot to James and I that we have such a brill group of friends! 

I'm gonna share with you some snaps of our evening! 

Me, my mummy and James

James, his mum, and I

My sister and I

Me and my best girl Chesley!

And lastly a few snaps of our friends which we love so much!

Massive thanks to Niall, for taking these beautiful pictures. We had such a fab evening sharing the news of our engagement with these amazing people!

Hope you enjoyed this post, I wanted to share this fabulous event with you!

*OH! and for those of you wondering, my dress is this one, from Scarlett & Jo from Evans!