Suns out… Knees out?


A quick little outfit post for ya today!
Over the weekend it was boiling here in London, I didn't feel like hiding out in jeans or leggings this particular day. I was only heading down to the yard, to spend some time with my little shetland, nobody was gonna be there. So I threw on this New Look Sunflower print dress, popped on my Birkenstocks and went out.

I hate that before, I had felt the need to cover up my chunky legs in the heat of the summer.
Going out without leggings on was such a liberating feeling! Granted only a handful of people actually saw me this day, but still. I went out, in public in a dress, with no leggings. Something I never thought I'd do.

F*uk what people think, don't like whatcha see, DON'T LOOK.
This is my body and I will not hide it.

Here's a quick picture of me and my baby sister on the left, and me and my mummy on the right!
Don't we look fab!


And a cute little bonus picture of me and Stanley! He's such a babe!

Hope you enjoyed this little post! :)



  1. Well done you! You look fab. x x

  2. I nominated you for a Liebster award! Check it out here: