BOOOOM!? Charley's back with a bang!

Hello my beautiful lovelies!
It's been a while hey? I haven't written a blog post since march… MARCH. This is beyond crazy to me. It's not that I consciously took a few months off blogging, it just sort of happened.
At first it was just a few weeks, and then the weeks turned into months, and yeah, here we are. Well on our way into July, and I have no idea how I got here. It all went by so quickly, I couldn't believe it.

It's not that I've been doing anything particularly crazy, I worked a few days a week, spent afternoons at the horses, enjoyed lazy weekends with my man. - you get the gist.

That being said, I thought I'd give you a quick round up of what been happening these past few months.

In april I was invited to the Curvissa and Curve project london event, it was a super cool day (even though I was hungover, and only had 3 hours sleep) I did mean to blog about it, but it just slipped through my fingers and then I felt it was too late for me to blog about it.
Here's one of the shots though!

Also in April, we said hello to a little beauty called Edgar-Stanley, my little Shetland! My mumzy brought him as an early birthday present for me, and I adore him! Even though he's a little shit, and likes to escape our field!
(Please excuse his coat! He was in the middle of shedding his foal fluff and looked a bit unkept!)

On the 2nd May, I TURNED 21! So crazy to think that I finally reached it, the big 2 1! We saw in the birthday in style with a small "get-together" with some of my closest friends.. lots of alcohol and shots were consumed that night! 

Towards the end of may, we went to the first (and probably last) gig of the year. and it was EPIC!
After a night of partying before hand, we got up early and queued in the wind and the rain for Arctic Monkeys at Finsbury Park. Luckily James lives not 5 minutes from the gate, so we didn't have far to travel home after. It was a really chilled day and we saw a few good bands, including Royal Blood and Miles Kane!

Then to finish off the month of may, something REALLY special happened…

Yes! James and I got engaged! We are both so thrilled about it, and our family couldn't be happier about the news! It was such a perfect end to the month, and I can even express how in love with my ring I am, the boy did good! 

I entered June with a spring in my step, and it was a lovely month. I got to announce our engagement to the rest of the family, lots of congratulations were given and we started to plan our engagement party! Which are are in the throws of now, wish me luck!

On the 22nd of June I wished my Jamesy a happy 23rd birthday, we celebrated with a small group of friend at the pub, and left WAY too much money behind the bar! ahah

So thats a quick (slightly long) round up of the past few months, I hope the you enjoyed seeing this little round up, and didn't find it too boring!

I'm hoping to be a better blogger in the coming months, but we shall see. You might be seeing more of me sometime soon! 
Thanks for reading!

Charley xoxo

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