Spring OOTD

How y'all doing? I'm hoping the answer to that is good! :)

The weather has been particularly lovely recently, and I've been enjoying the sun. Hence why these photos (taken by my mumzy) were taken at our yard, with horsey's in the background!
None of them wanted to be photographed that day, which is a shame, I'd have loved to show you all how cute our horses are!

Blazer - New Look - Here
Dress - New Look - Sale
Leggings - New Look - Basic
Boots - Primark 

This outfit is actually all from New Look! I brought the blazer the other week, thinking it'd be PERFECT for this mild weather, as it's still a bit cold. The dress was an impulse buy, I couldn't leave it on the sale rack, and for £8 It's a steal! 

I couldn't resist taking some cute pictures of me and Ruby! She's getting so big now, I can hardly believe that we've had her over a month now! 


Hope you enjoyed this little post, and the cute photo's of me and little Ruby!


  1. Ruby is a cutie and I love your dress! It was good to meet you the other day. :) x x

    1. Thank you so much! She's is too adorable!
      It was so good to meet you and everyone! It was a really cool experience! :)