February favourites! (Skincare and Make-up)

Hello my darlings!
I thought I'd do a quite little post to show you what I've been loving this month. I've been a good girl and not really brought anything I didn't need this month! (Hurrah!)

So yeah, I'm gonna show you lovely people my skincare and make-up favourites this month!

Bit of a mixed bag really, the weather has been quite nice I've been able to open up all the windows and doors without getting cold. The candle sent is super fresh and flowery, perfect for the lovely spring weather we've been having.

I've been feeling super spring-like recently, hence the 2 pink nail varnishes this month, I needed a bit of a pick me up, so what better than a pink mani to make the week better!
The pink theme continues on my lips with this MAC lipstick, it's a beautiful warm toned pink. Perfect for the day's when I just wanna slap on some lippy and go.

Yankee Candle - White Gardenia
Nails Inc - Totes Pink
La Roche-Posay - Effaclar Duo +
Sinful Colours - Thimbleberry 
REN - Frankincense Revitalising Night Cream
MAC - Chatterbox
Bourjois - 123 Perfect CC cream

The winter weather has really taken it's toll on my skin, it was dry and flakey dull looking and a general pain. This makes wearing make-up a horrendous task, when my skin was at it's worst, I went without make-up for days!
Once I found a rich moisturiser/nightcream I used to pile it on my skin, hoping that the more cream I rubbed into it, the better my skin would look. This was not the case!
I think I over loaded my skin, and I began to break out, badly. I had constant spots for well over a month before using these products!

I spoke to my nan about the new Effaclar duo+ after seeing handfuls of bloggers talking about it.
I wanted to give it a go because I have always been a bit put off by my scars. - Due to years of not looking after my skin, and picking my spots!
She kept an eye out for me (because I can't get it in the shops near where I live) and behold, a few day's later this beauty landed in my lap!
I've been using it for a good few weeks, and I can say that it has cleared my my skin, the persistent spots I had are gone, and it's got to work on lightening the scars I have on my chin and around my nose. Are they gone? No, but they do appear to be lighter, and they're easier to cover up now!

Onto my REN night cream! UGH, what don't I love about this product! This was a christmas present which I've been saving.
It makes my skin so incredibly smooth, it's got a lovely silky texture to it when you apply it to the skin. I also really love the sent, it smells like frankincense, obviously. It's such a subtle, clean smell. It's a dream to smother on my skin.

Now my skin's in a better condition, I picked up the Bourjois CC cream, and oh my! It's so lovely, It claims to be anti-fatigue, anti-redness and anti-darkspots. Yep check! It smoothes on a dream and gives me a flawless base. It completely masks my redness and scars. When I first applied it, it looks a bit powdery, but as I worked it into my skin, it melted a bit ( that sounds horrible) But the natural heat of my skin made it a bit less full coverage, more like real skin, if that makes sense!
Whatever! I love it! haha

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