Glamour Mag Freebie!

I was grabbing a coffee with my dad yesterday, and I was browsing the mag section and this beauty jumped out at me. I don't often buy Glamour Magazine, but the freebie Nail Varnish caught my eye.
I had heard about Nails Inc before, but had not purchased any of their varnishes. As you can imagine I jumped at the chance to get one free. (As would many of you girls, right?)

There was 4 colours to choose from, black, red, gold glitter and pink. If I'm honest none of the block colours took my fancy as I already had multiple black's, red's and pink's in my collection. I didn't however, had very many glitter varnishes. So I chose the glittery one.

I really liked this nail varnish, it's a very subtle glitter which is nice. I used the glitter over a plain nail, and did 2 coats. It was pretty nice to wear and felt like a dream top coat. If all Nails Inc varnishes are like this then I would most definatly be buying more in the future.

Did any of you girls pick this particular freebie but? What did you think of it?


  1. I got the pale pink one and am yet to try it but very excited! Such a good freebie! xx

    1. The pale pink one is very cute! Might take a trip out today and buy it again! :) I really loved the glitter one! :) xo

  2. I got this mag just for the nail polish! heard brilliant things about it really! got the pretty pink one, was ok to apply. had to put on two layers to get a good finish! was grand until i went to work pretty much all flaked off in 15 min of being in there! stays on lovely when your not working :)