My MAC Palette is something of a baby to me! I've been lovingly collecting the eyeshadows for over a year. Carefully planning which colours I want next, and which shadows I can pair together to create an organic eyeshadow look.

Now, I'll admit, I'm not the best at applying/blending eyeshadow. I'm all about finding tools that get the job done for me without too much faffing.
I usually use these two brushes when creating eyeshadow looks, the mac 217, which is so SO hyped about, but it really is one of the best! Slap it on and blend it out- my kind of brush! I also really like the mac 224, great for defining the crease and blending those edges out into oblivion.

'Tell us what the shades are Char!' I hear you cry?
Well here you go, all of my mac shades, named for you babes to see.

I'm not going to talk about each one individually, because I bet that some of you all ready have these shades! - and it'd take too long. hehe

I hope you enjoyed having a little peak into my mac palette! 
Let me know some of your favourite, staple shades from MAC, I'm looking to fill up the remaining spaces!

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