My skin isn't always as flawless as the photographs.

Okay so, I posted a photo of my make up of the day on instagram/facebook etc. and my skin looks pretty perfect to me. You can't see my blemishes or scars, which is obviously the point of foundation/concealer and when my friend said that my skin was so perfect I almost laughed at her!
'Yeah, you just can't see them through the make up.' I said to her.
This is the flawless photo I took yesterday.
Foundation, Blusher, Lipstick all by MAC.

Okay so, This is what my face looks like after washing. and obviously before make up. My skin gets very spotty durning my time of the month, so some of these are fresh spots, and some of them are scars that were left behind by spots. I also find that my skin gets really red after washing and moisturising. So apologies for the redness!

So obviously, my face/skin doesn't look flawless at all, but I'm trying to keep my skin healthy to avoid breakouts. The products I'm using and loving recently are Vitamin E Gentle Face Wash, by The Body Shop, Visibly clear, Pink grapefruit daily scrub, by Neutrogena and a Deep cleansing Face Mask, by Simple.

I'm really loving these products, the daily scrub is exfoliating my skin and the gentle wash is soothing it. Perfect combo in my eyes. 
The daily scrub is a sweet smelling face wash (as the name would suggest). The exfoliating beads inside the wash aren't too large either, which is nice, I don't want to be rubbing rocks on my face! 

The Gentle wash is the first I've brought from The Body Shop, and I have to say, I love it. It smells beautiful, its got a nice creamy texture and lathers up quite nicely too! I recommend this one to you all!

And Simple, I've been finding increasingly that the main brand of simple washes and moisturisers are making my skin too oily, and obviously as they contain oils it's just making my skin worse. But This deep cleansing face mask is a nice light mask for your face, you only need to smooth it on until you have a light covering. Which is nice compared to the other mask's I  have tried where you have to cake it on!

I hope that if I continue to cleanse and look after the skin on my face, the spots will clear up and I'll have flawless skin 100% of the time!

Do any of you suffer with oily/combination skin? I'd like to know what products you use that make you less oily! 
Thanks for reading! xo

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  1. My skin is very similar to yours lovely! I find that I get spotty during my time of the month as well (as do a lot of ladies).

    My skin is sensitive, and I find that the neutrogena scrubs are too harsh and cause redness...they also claim to help prevent spots, but when they're hormone related it won't help that much ;)

    I use the St. Ives sensitive scrub on my face almost every day and its great! Doesn't make me red at all which is a bonus.

    If you fancy a skin treat, I always tell people to try out Clinique! Go see someone instore (boots/debenhams) and ask about the 3 step system sets (£20 a month). My favourite skin care products ever! :)

    Meg xo