Hi, remember me?

Hello there to you all! I'm a bit late with the christmas/new year posts, so I'll keep it simple.
HAPPY HOLIDAYS! I hope that you all had a good AWESOME christmas and new year.
I've been a very naughty blogger and haven't blogged for quite some time.
It's not that I don't love you guys, I was just super busy before christmas with Uni stuff, I didn't have time. Then it was christmas, which I spent with family, same with new year to be honest.
I also had my Jamesy staying with us over the festive period, which was lovely! I love having him round for Christmas! It just makes it so much more special for me!

So I'm blogging today to say sorry, and to try and ease myself back in to regular routine.
I could waffle on for ages about the stuff I got for christmas, but in a nut shell I got:
- Clothes
- Giftcards (New Look, MAC)
- A coffee machine!
- Money

Today is my FIRST post of 2013! So I'm gonna kick the year off with a outfit post! 

Feeling really pretty today. 
Lacy top - H&M+
Cardi - New Look
Gold collar - New Look
Jeans - New Look (These don't feature, but I love them, they're black with studs down the outside seams!

My New make-up also makes an appearance too!  

I used my Mac Giftcard to buy a new foundation. (I look washed out here, but I promise it looks better than this!) And I brought a new blusher when I went to Brent Cross, It's Blushbaby and I love it.
This photo doesn't show it off quite as well, but its a very subtle pink colour. 
I'll do a blog post on all the make-up I've brought over christmas for you guys too! Because I have brought some really fab bits! 

See you soon beautifuls! xoxo


  1. delighted to have you back blogging :D you look fab btw :) xx

    1. I only just saw this. Sorry lovely! It's good to be back! :D xo

  2. Love your top and necklace :)
    Launa xx

    1. Thanks sweetie! I love the lacy/collar combo! :) xo