When it's raining wear blue.

So, I've been ITCHING to make an outfit post here, but the weather had just been so terrible I haven't been able to go and get some 'good' shots outside. So please bare with me while England's crappy weather does whatever it's doing.

Today I was meant to go to Egham to watch the Olympic torch relay. But like I said the weather has been utterly shite. I couldn't leave my house! So Instead I've been on the computer stuffed up in my bedroom all day. Thank god for spotify, thats all I've gotta say.

Charley's Outfit of The Day.

I brought this top a little while ago, Its a sheer top from New look in a size 26. You can't see it right now because of my cardi, but it is s sleeveless top. It's a bit snug around the hip area which is why the bottom button is undone. (My hips are wide haha) I got the vest top underneath from New Look too. Its plain black and was a bargain at just £3! The card is a plain back size 24 waterfall cardigan, from evans online. And get jeans are from H&M.com.

I am showcasing 2 new-ish purchases here. 
The first being my new Lipstick. James brought me this as a present when we went up to Manchester a few weeks ago.
It's made my MAC is is literally my all time favourite lipstick now, I wear it almost everyday! 
Its from the Cremesheen collection in the colour 'Creme Cup' It is a real natural lippy with a little sparkle. Very smooth to apply and lasts quite a bit on my lips. I don't usually go for a shiny lipstick, my other favourite is a Matt finish, and if i'm honest, I didn't think this lipstick would top it.
(Other lip colour is 'Please Me')

The second purchase would be my birdie neckless. It's made from metal and has been varnished with a gold coat and I absolutely adore it. Its from H&M's DIVIDED jewellery range and if I remember correctly pretty cheap when I brought it. It's been hiding away at the bottom of my Jewellery box since I brought it, and I thought It was about time it made an appearance! 

Overall I LOVE this outfit today. Pretty good for something I just through together eh?

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