Hello there! 
I see you've made it to my blog! - At this current moment in time it's under construction.
Seeing as I already have a Tumblr thats filled up with all manor of photos and, gosh other things. I have decided to make my way over here, to blogger. 

I will hopefully be using this blog to talk about my fashion purchases, my thoughts and feelings on being fat and body positive. and anything else I see fit.
I shall be doing this on a regular basis, when I'm all up and running, I'll like you to my tumblr, twitter, instagram and such.

Hold on cupcakes, you're just in time for the ride of your life!
Lots of love,
Charley xoxo

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  1. just checking i can't see one but you haven't got a follower button hiding somewhere have you ? following yo r tumblr now too xx