Blog everyday in June. #5

Woo, Yes! Post number 5 baby!

This post is dedicated to my 5 favourite bloggers!

I love reading posts like this. It gives you a chance to read and follow other bloggers that you might not have come across yet. These ladies are all so lovely and their blogs are class.

Leah from

Leah's blog in in my top 5 because she's so honest and down to earth, I had the pleasure of meeting her (last year?) at a Curvissa event and she's a babe! Her blog is one of my faces because she's around the same size in clothes as me, and it's always fab to see clothes on someone who's body is similar to yours!

I love Naomi's blog because her outfits are always on point. Her posts are always entertaining to read and just amazing! I'd love to shop her wardrobe, haha.

Laura's blog is full of girly outfits and beauty products. I love her style and the pictures she takes. Utterly beautiful!

Elena from

I'm just so in lust with this photo! This dress is so stunning on her. Her blog is full of classic dresses, she always looks so classy! Serious envy right now.

Can we just appreciate this beautiful dress right here, so lovely. This is quenching all my floral cravings right now! What a babe!

Those are my top 5 have bloggers! Go show them some love! :)

Keep an eye out for post #6 of Blog Everyday In June, and check out the other bloggers doing the challenge too.

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