Mum in a Million!

Mothers day is fast approaching, and I thought it'd b a really fab opportunity to tell everyone why my mumzy is the best!

I'm not gonna lie, I was a bit of a handful in my teenage years, as I'm sure most teens are. Bless her, she had to deal with my daily tantrums and moodiness. Was constantly being called by my teachers, attending meetings at the school, running me around here, there and everywhere. It must have been FAR from easy. 

Up until a few years ago, our relationship had been strained. Arguments happened frequently, and I would find myself disregarding her opinion. Dishing out swear words and an 'I don't give a fuck' attitude at every given opportunity. In short, I was a bit of a moody bitch and we just didn't get on.

They say it takes a unfortunate event to bring families closer together, and thats exactly what happened. I won't go into it here, I'm sure you can understand I want to keep some things private.
After said event, we really had to pull together, look after each other and get along more. It was sort of a blessing in disguise, because our relationship is solid now. I don't know what I'd do without her.

My mumzy is so special to me, for so many reasons. She is such a strong lady, and after everything she's been through she still manages to crack a smile. She'll help anyone who asks and has a wicked sense of humour.

My mum is a MUM IN A MILLION.
She deserves so much more than she has been dealt, a million times more than I could ever give her.


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  1. Lovely read Charley!
    You have a wonderful mum and she has a wonderful daughter.